Olive Branch Gift Cards $25 Good at both locations

Global Wildlife Safari Wagon Passes $13 Children $21 Adult
December 14, 2021
Revel Cafe and Bar $100 gift certificates
March 29, 2022

 At The Olive Branch Café, we use only the highest quality cheeses and the freshest ingredients possible.  We bring in the finest Spanish Olives and Italian olive oil because our customers deserve the best. Fresh vegetables are brought in daily to ensure that your pizza, salad, sub, or pasta is perfect every time.  Our pizza dough is prepared in-house every day, and no dish is prepared until you order it, so we can make everything just the way you like it. Our signature Caesar Salad dressing is prepared almost daily from scratch.


     The Olive Branch Café has served our customers fresh and delicious Italian cuisine for 20 years.


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